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Pandi’s mushroom tongue salamander (Bolitoglossa pandi)

Mohamed bin Zayed Species project number 172515606

Category reassessment, habitat occupation, and extinction rate estimation of Pandi’s mushroom-tongue salamander, Bolitoglossa pandi in the Andes of Colombia

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 172515606) - Pandi’s mushroom tongue salamander - Awarded $12,400 on June 21, 2017

1. Document the species geographic range, confirming records in scientific collections, and collecting in localities where no records exist. 2. Document change of the natural vegetation cover between 1300-2200 meters of altitude along the species known and potential area of occupancy. 3. Identify threats to the species, studying the trends of change in the vegetation coverage through time. 4. Monitor the conditions of the habitats and microhabitats in five localities (two confirmed, and three unsampled localities), through different hours of the day, in different seasons of the year. 5. Evaluate the effect of (1) distance to streams (resource dependence, seasonal aggregation and mobility), (2) distance from other populations (population connectivity and mobility), and (3) habitat quality gradients (habitat and microhabitat quality dependence) on Bolitoglossa pandi populations, by determining presence of the species, and monitoring marked and recaptured individuals along the year in the five localities. 7. Estimate species occupancy of Bolitoglossa pandi in the Eastern Cordillera, with occupation models using the natural history data and the habitat condition monitoring. 8. Estimate extinction risks and reassess the conservation status of the species considering the results of the occupancy models together with the above stated results.

Project 172515606 location - Colombia, South America