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Pronk's day gecko (Phelsuma pronki)

Mohamed bin Zayed Species project number 180518200

Collecting new information and promoting conservation of Pronk's day gecko within Mangabe-Ranomena-Sahasarotra protected area

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 180518200) - Pronk's day gecko - Awarded $4,500 on June 28, 2018


Overall, this project will have three key objectives:

(i) Understand the species distribution and his habitat preference.

Fieldwrok was done at three camp sites within the protected area for seraching the species for studying its abundance and habitat use. In total we found 30 individuals from all camp sites. We found new location of the species at the third camp site.

This study confirms that Pronk's day gecko prefers big dead tree because als were found on dead tree except two of them. The species was mostly found at the top of less disturbed forest.


(ii) Estimate the population size within Mangabe protected area. Abundance of the species within the protected area will be assessed also.

  From this survey, we assume that its abundance increase with the altitude within the protected area because the maximun of observation was observed from the highest camp site at Analamay forest.


(iii) Identify key initiatives should be taken and promote his conservation at different levels.

 We produced poster showing the Pronk's day gecko with three others day geckos can be found within the protected area in objective to train local people on the species identification. This poster was used during the local restitution for imforming them about our results and get some additional information form them and also the include them on the future action plan.

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