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Puerto Rican crested toad (Peltophryne lemur)

Mohamed bin Zayed Species project number 222530423

Determining population size and habitat usage is critical for the restoration of breeding sites for the Puerto Rican crested toad

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 222530423) - Puerto Rican crested toad - Awarded $15,450 on February 08, 2023

The proposed study aims to gather data on current PRCT populations following recent natural disasters and to determine immediate habitat restoration needs through telemetric monitoring of species habitat usage, as well as to estimate current reproductive output of wild adults and increase genetic diversity of captive assurance colonies. This will be accomplished through: 1) estimation of current P. lemur populations during breeding events, 2) radio telemetry monitoring of species movement patterns and utilization of both refugia and breeding habitat, 3) assessment of appropriate habitat restoration efforts such as debris clearing and building of new breeding ponds, 4) counting of egg masses produced during breeding events compared to number of breeding adults and amplexed pairs observed, 5) collection, analysis of quality, and storage of sperm from select wild, unpaired males for integration into captive populations, and 6) collaborations with and training of local researchers in methods of population monitoring and restoration efforts for continued community involvement in long-term species and habitat preservation at the local level.

Project 222530423 location - Puerto Rico, North America