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Rana parvaccola frog (Rana parvaccola)

Mohamed bin Zayed Species project number 152511125

Distribution of Rana parvaccola and Rana rufipes in West Sumatera

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 152511125) - Rana parvaccola frog - Awarded $3,000 on October 28, 2015

Rana parvaccola and Rana rufipes is a species identified as differentiated species of Rana chalconota complexes in West Sumatra. Distribution and data R. parvaccola and R. rufipes as a new species unknown in West Sumatra that the conservation status of this species has not been established by the IUCN. These species are generally found along streams, ponds or swamps in the forest. Structure habitat changes such as fragmentation, deforestation, and forest land use by humans activities can disturb distribution and viability of these species in their habitat, so the existance of the species R. parvaccola and R. rufipes in ecosystems could be threatened. Thus, to determine the conservation status R. parvaccola and R. rufipes we can plan an act of conservation of the environment.

Therefore for this study we will:

  • Analyze the distribution pattern of R. parvaccola and R. rufipes in West Sumatra as well as determine whether the presence of the Bukit Barisan that separating West Sumatra into western and eastern regions affect the distribution patters R. parvaccola and R. rufipes.
  •  Mapping the area of the species occurance and spatial distribution
  • Identify the impacts of anthropogenic activities in the species population dynamics.


Project 152511125 location - Indonesia, Asia