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Roble criollo (Southamerican Oak) (Amburana cearensis)

Mohamed bin Zayed Species project number 11252811

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 11252811) - Roble criollo (Southamerican Oak) - Awarded $10,000 on March 15, 2012

The Foundation for the Study and Conservation of Biodiversity (CEBio) is a non-profit NGO created in 2003 and legally recognized in February 2006 by Decree Number 4810 of the Government of Jujuy Province, Argentina. CEBio Foundation is administered by a Board formed by five people and has 15 members that work voluntarily in different projects. The goal of CEBio Foundation is to conserve Northwestern Argentina biodiversity through research, education, and sustainable management. CEBio has three overall objectives: 1- Develop conservation and management actions to maintain biodiversity. 2- Support development of scientific research related to the knowledge and sustainable use of biodiversity. 3- Promote policies and projects for sustainable use and education of the society about the values and importance of biodiversity. CEBio Foundation has previous experience on work with policy-makers, administrators, governments, researchers, forest industries, forest managers, local communities, and private owners. CEBio has an Endemic and Threatened Species Programme that aims to assess the status of species and develop conservation action plans. For example, it focuses on Cinclus schulzi, Tucuman Parrot, Military Macaw, Amburana cearensis through the development of projects. Since 2009, CEBio Foundation is developing the Yungas-Chaco corridor project that aims to maintain the connectivity between dry and wet forest in Northwestern Argentina through sustainable management of forested lands. The project includes the work in collaboration with the University of Montana, provincial government of Salta Province, and local communities in an area of approximately 500.000 ha.

Project 11252811 location - Argentina, South America