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Sahona (Boophis williamsi)

Mohamed bin Zayed Species project number 10051700

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 10051700) - Sahona  - Awarded $3,000 on February 01, 2011

Madagascar-ASG strives to raise amphibian conservation to the next level by stimulating, developing, and executing programs to conserve amphibians and their habitats in Madagascar ASG seeks to promote the implementation of the Sahonagasy Action Plan, one of the products of ACSAM initiative (A Conservation Strategy for the amphibians of Madagascar). This plan outlines the strategic directions for amphibian conservation in Madagascar: Coordination of research and conservation activities, Monitoring Madagascar’s amphibians, Managing emerging amphibian diseases, Climate change and Amphibians; Management of focal amphibian sites for conservation; Harvesting and trade of amphibians, Captive breeding and zoo actions; Development of a unified herpetological collection ASG Madagascar was established in 2005 and was implemented during a workshop held in Antananarivo (18-21 September 2006), to discuss and decide priorities for amphibian conservation. After this workshop the initiative with the same title (ACSAM) was pursued to prepare the action plan. The ACSAM is the national implementation of the global Amphibian Conservation Action Plan. The organization works in Madagascar and benefits of a network of collaboration and experience by herpetologists and NGOs work in Madagascar, locals and foreigners. At the international level we will benefit of the official support and organizational help of Amphibian Specialist Group / Central side. ASG-Madagascar works and conserves all amphibians and its habitats in Madagascar. We are strongly convinced that there is urgency in starting the Sahonagasy process. Priority has set to critically endangered species such as Mantella cowani, the most threatened amphibian from Madagascar. For that this proposal is an action to respond and implement two of six activities outlined in the Mantella cowani action plan launched officially in 2008 at PBZT, during the Year of Frog.

Project 10051700 location - Madagascar, Africa