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Scott's Tree Kangaroo (Tenkile) (Dendrolagus scottae)

Mohamed bin Zayed Species project number 0925361

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 0925361) - Scott's Tree Kangaroo (Tenkile) - Awarded $15,000 on January 01, 2010

The Tenkile Conservation Alliance (TCA) is an NGO established in Papua New Guinea (PNG) in 2001. TCA is based in the remote area of Lumi in Sandaun Province (north-west Papua New Guinea, close to the West Papua border) and works closely with 39 villages (~10,000 people) who are the landowners of the Torricelli Mountain Range and the critically endangered Tenkile, or Scott's Tree Kangaroo, and Weimang, or Golden-mantled Tree Kangaroo (IUCN listed).The Tenkile and Weimang were described by Professor Tim Flannery. The Tenkile is only found in the Torricelli and Bewani Mountain Ranges of PNG. The Weimang is found in the Torricelli and Prince Alexandra Ranges of PNG and the Foja Mountain Range of West Papua. The Tenkile and Weimang are two of 14 species of Tree Kangaroo and are the most under threat.The Prince Alexandra, Torricelli, Bewani, Cyclops and Foja Mountain Ranges constiute the North Coast Ranges of the island of New Guinea.TCA's mission is to save the Tenkile and Weimang from extinction through the protection of their habitat, which is mid-montane rainforest. TCA aims to conserve biodiversity through active community education and development, wildlife reasearch and alternative livelihood programs. To date TCA has conducted programs in 25 local schools and delivered materials to these schools, established 14 Distance Sampling research sites and found that the population of Tenkile has increased from ~147 in 2004 to ~307 in 2008, TCA has conducted protein farming (chicken and rabbits) with all 39 villages and has delivered 77 water tanks. TCA has delivered other community development programs.The objectives of the organisation is:* to establish a Conservation Area of all Tree Kangaroo habitat of the North Coast Ranges of Papua New Guinea. Presently TCA works with the villages of the Torricelli Mountain Range and is working to protect ~100,000ha, TCA aims to also work with villages of the Bewani and Prince Alexandra Mountain Ranges in the future.* deliver more water tanks to the villages*provide more materials, education and livestock as part of its protein program.*conduct more educational courses at the schools*start a combined HIV/AIDS and family planning program*continue and expand on TCA's existing wildlife research*estblish more infrastructure at our base in Lumi with permanent buildings, staff accommodation,a research laboratory, computers, printers, photocopier, solar equipment and generators.*establish a base in Wewak, which is the closest town accessible by both road and air.*begin a Carbon Trading project in partnership with the PNG Government and investors to protect existing rainforest, revegetate cleared forest and educated the people on realistic resource mangement techniques.

Project 0925361 location - Papua New Guinea, Oceania