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Southern Muriqui (Brachyteles arachnoides)

Mohamed bin Zayed Species project number 0925323

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 0925323) - Southern Muriqui  - Awarded $10,000 on January 10, 2010

Mission To conserve the Southern Muriqui and the remnants of Brazilian Atlantic Forest along the Serra do Mar Biodiversity Corridor through scientific research, education and information dissemination. Strengthen and consolidate natural resources conservation strategies at federal, regional and local levels to improve the well being of human populations. General Objectives a) To conserve the southern muriqui and the most significant natural habitat remnant of Brazilian Atlantic Forest, the Southeast Reserves of Brazilian Atlantic Forest World Heritage Site. b) To maintain and expand the activities of the longest study in Brazil of southern muriquis at the Carlos Botelho State Park, to ensure the protection of the animals and their natural habitat for future generations c) To conduct inter-disciplinary field-based projects to generate high-quality scientific data, which are integral to conservation management plans and knowledge of the species. d) To enable conservation of the southern muriqui and the associated ecosystem through a synthesis of field-based projects, training programs, policy and environmental education applied to law enforcement. Specific Objectives - To conserve key areas of muriquis habitat outside existing protected areas, creating private reserves for securing buffer zone of relevant biological interest for muriquis populations - Work with private landowners to improve their management of forest remnants on their lands, with particular emphasis on micro-management planning and legal reserves - Assist Protected Areas to establish sustainable tourism within reserve, working with third parties if necessary - To ensure muriqui populations inside key protected areas are effectively protected - Identify key populations of muriquis across the range of the species for conservation management - To assess the quality of habitat in all areas where muriquis persist as a tool for conservation management - To assess the biodiversity in key muriquis areas by working in partnership with other groups in order to strengthen conservation rationale and habitat management - To establish a long term monitoring programe in key areas for muriqui and other key biodiversity, to facilitate adaptive management To work with authorities and political framework for muriqui conservation as favorable as possible (Steering, National and International Committees) - Ensure that conservation decisions take good quality socioeconomic data into account - Take the lead in ensuring the most appropriate stakeholders attend key decision meetings - To work with partners and promote alternative livelihoods - Produce target education and awareness information to feed to partners for use in communities and schools - Provide key information about the regional importance of Southern Muriquis & habitat to decision makers, having designed a complete awareness strategy - To create governance and operational structure that allows the organization to deliver its mission (internal reporting & compliance communications) - Establish Pro-Muriqui headquarters & resource it - To establish mechanisms for securing long-term finances and operations - To ensure high quality interpretative material for visitors to area of operation - Establish an integrated database based on GIS to include biological, social, and land use data

Project 0925323 location - Brazil, South America