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Sumatran Tiger (Panthera tigris sumatrae)

Mohamed bin Zayed Species project number 11251787

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 11251787) - Sumatran Tiger - Awarded $15,000 on February 01, 2011

Sumatra Rainforest Institute(SRI) is which is established on June 6, 1999 as community group organization and registered as foundation on September 2002 by Indonesian notary. SRI based in Medan, Sumatera Utara, founded by some Environmentalists, Agronomists and Biologists, journalist. SRI had having concerning with education and public awareness, biodiversity researches, organic farming, forest restoration/rehabilitation/management as well. The implementation having done by community development and community mobilization base approaching. In operating and growing, SRI had been moved by professionals, academicians, trained farmers, university students as volunteers. SRI and partners effort to maintain and preserve that degraded environment and natural resources while empowering the itself and partners by increasing involvement and participation of local community and strengthening the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) issues purposes. The are some projects that had been implementing regarding conservation issues: development organic farming in Aceh that funded by Welthungerhilfe-Germany, Sumatran Tiger Conservation in Southeast Aceh that funded by Ruffort Foundation-UK, Elephant & Tiger Habitat Conservation In Barumun Wildlife Preserve Area at North Sumatra Province that funded by Keidanren Nature Conservation –Japan, Migarory Shorebird Conservation in Deli Serdang District that funded by Asian Waterbird Conservation Fund-Hongkong. Etc. Mission of Organization: To conserve natural resources through preserving species and ecosystem diversity and demonstrate that interaction between human and nature is mutualism and also societies are able to live harmoniously with nature forever. Objective of the Organization: 1. Community base tropical forest conservation 2. Endangered species and biodiversity conservation & community awareness 3. Strengthening of rural organic farmer groups and traditional fisherman groups 4. Strengthening of reforestation actions that is raised by rural community initiative's 5. Development of village leaders (formal and informal) understanding on Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Geographical area of the project The Barumun Ecosystem as Conservation target in this ecosystem area is estimated as of ± 352.000 Ha which lies between 99º24’55,8” - 100º11’13,2 East Longitude and 0º09’08,4” - 1º26’11,1” North Latitude. Administratively, this area has some border on Padang Lawas Utara District, Padang Lawas District, South Tapanuli District and Mandailing Natal District.( see-Map attached) Base on Nature Conservation Board of Goverment of Indonesia in Conservation Area’s Profile, it mentioned that some endangared species like Sumatran Tiger and Elephant are exists in this areas, were also proved by SRI Biodiversity Research Survey (2008), Tiger and Elephant are in critical situation. Its caused by illegal logging and encroachment for palm oil plantation. Some river basins were lied on this area which support of hundreds thousand peoples, and it had been made this area more important as water resources. Base on SRI (2008) assessment, some of problems that prioritized face with this area are; Low of clear boundary line about conservation forest area status make this rainforest ecosystem not manage optimal, Low of conservation knowledge had make local community did not know what and how to manage forest with sustainability. Importantly, Sumatran Elephant and Tiger become pest and danger enemy for local communities, its why they kill the elephants and hunt the tigers with “silence”. The important cores on this initiative are sustainable forest management for long existing of tropical rainforest in Sumatera Utara which can absorb CO2 on air and use as habitat “home“ for endangered species IUCN Red List data book like Sumatran Tiger (Phantera tigris sumatrae). Other crucial thing is no records that any local and international NGO actively on this site for conservation actions, it also makes us more feel interest to help local people become empower to fight rainforest ecosystem degradation activities.

Project 11251787 location - Indonesia, Asia