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Trichogenes claviger (Trichogenes claviger)

Mohamed bin Zayed Species project number 222530190

Mapping the occurrence of a critically endangered species Trichogenes claviger, through environmental DNA in Atlantic Forest rivers- Southern Brazil.

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 222530190) - Trichogenes claviger - Awarded $7,724 on February 23, 2023

- Carry out mapping studies of the distribution of the species Trichogenes claviger in order to search for new subpopulations of the species;

- Fieldwork to collect samples for environmental DNA analysis;

- Carry out detection studies of the species through the metabarcoding approach, based on samples collected in nature, in order to clarify the distribution of the species;

- Propose considerations on the conservation status of the species for environmental agencies for the protection and monitoring of threatened species.


The obtained results will lead us to infer the distribution pattern of this rare species, opening the possibility for detection and expansion of knowledge about its real geographical distribution area.  We will work towards conservation action, serving as a basis for using other approaches focused on the conservation of threatened species in small forested areas. Besides this, we aim to provide subsidies to outline plans and strategies for management and conservation of environments and their associated species in the montane Atlantic Forest at southern Espírito Santo. 

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