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Victotria Tilapia (Oreochromis variabilis)

Mohamed bin Zayed Species project number 172515042

Enhancing Survival Prospect of Critically Endangered Victoria tilapia (Oreochromis variabilis) in Lake Nawampasa, Uganda.

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 172515042) - Victotria Tilapia - Awarded $8,500 on May 19, 2017

This project will contribute to reviving the populations of critically endangered Victoria tilapia in Lake Nawampasa through working with fishing communities to address threats to this fish species and its habitats. The activities to be undertaken to achieve the goal of this project are described below as per specific project objective;

Objective (1) Foster active participation of fishing communities in conserving Victoria tilapia and its habitats,


  •  Establish and empower Victoria Tilapia Conservation Committee (VTCC) consisting of young fishermen and local leaders to conserve Victoria tilapia and its habitat
  • Engaging  VTCC  team in identifying and mapping critical fish habitats (spawning and Nursery  grounds) of Victoria tilapia
  • Engaging VTCC in  monitoring of threats to habitats of Victoria tilapia and protecting its spawning and nursery grounds.
  • Engaging VTCC team in creating awareness about Victoria tilapia and threats to its habitats among all stakeholders

 Objective (2) Create community-focused awareness campaigns about the need to conserve Victoria tilapia and its habitats.

  • Engaging fishing communities, Victoria Tilapia Conservation Committee (VTCC) and other stakeholders in various sensitization and training campaigns to raise their awareness level and understanding about the need to conserve Victoria tilapia and mitigate threats to its habitats.
  • Developing and distributing educational materials such as pictorial charts to convey various conservation messages about Victoria tilapia and its habitats to fishermen and wider public.

The conservation outputs of this project will include the following;

  •  All the breeding and nursery habitats of critically endangered Victoria tilapia mapped on Lake Nawampasa and protected  by VTCC to facilitate the recovery of the populations of this fish species in the wild.
  •  Increased commitment and enthusiasm of fishing communities and public to conserve fish fauna and their habitats.
  •  Increased level of awareness about the conservation status of the Victoria tilapia and its habitats.
  • Protection of aquatic habitats by fishing communities and other stakeholders will also foster conservation of other endangered aquatic wildlife.

The main conservation importance of this project will be the recovery of the populations of Victoria tilapia which is at risk of extinction in the wild.  Furthermore, the project will protect aquatic habitats from environmental degradation, and thus favorable habitats will be created for the survival of not only Victoria tilapia fish species but also other important water resources useful to human beings.



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