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White ebony (Diospyros egrettarum)

Mohamed bin Zayed Species project number 172515574

Restoring a Mauritian offshore island ecosystem by reintroducing threatened endemic plants; ecology and conservation of the Critically Endangered Diospyros egrettarum

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 172515574) - White ebony - Awarded $24,051 on May 19, 2017

Our vision for Round Island is to restore a healthy and diverse plant ecosystem which supports the reintroduction of other threatened endemic species on the island. A priority is to restore the native hardwood forest community as this was known to contain key understorey species which served an important functional purpose for Round Island reptiles. In this project we will focus on four priority threatened plant species, including our focal species D. egrettarum. Our long-term goal for D. egrettarum is to reduce the extinction risk of the species by successfully establishing a sub-population on Round Island. Our project objectives are to: 1) Increase the population size and range of planted D. egrettarum on Round Island by planting a further 250 individuals by the end of the project year. 2) Establish long-term monitoring tools to identify ecological needs of keystone understorey plants, including D. egrettarum to guide efforts to improve long-term survival. 3) Increase effectiveness of the planting strategy through creation of a detailed habitat map of Round Island, including the long-term survivorship data and ecological needs of tagged individual plants for four high priority species, to focus on sites with maximum long term survival.

Project 172515574 location - Mauritius, Africa