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X mass Frog, Shillong Bubble nest frog (Raorchestes shillongensis)

Mohamed bin Zayed Species project number 152511345

Xmas bush frog conservation project, Shillong, India.

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 152511345) - X mass Frog, Shillong Bubble nest frog - Awarded $6,000 on December 08, 2015

Raorchestes shillongensis is a critically endangered bush frog which is endemic to Northeast India. The species was described by Pillai and Chanda in 1973 from Malki forest of Shillong city, Meghalaya. Since after the description no study carried out on the species, it has lacked of information regarding phylogeny, distribution and natural history. Therefore, to provide information that can augment its conservation, we carried out the study during May and August, 2016.

Our study provided first distribution map of the species with significant addition of distributional localities. We redescribed the species with molecular data along with morphology and acoustic behaviour. These information will help to know the biogeography and taxonomy of the bush frogs in the Indo-Chinese region. Observation on reproductive biology of the species reveled critical information on its acoustic characteristics, breeding microhabitats and oviposition sites. This study fills the gap of knowledge on reproductive behaviour of the bush frogs of Northeast India and is crucial for the conservation of such threatened species. Moreover, A short documentary on Raorchestes shillongensis is produced which will help in increase the awareness among the local people of the region. 


Project 152511345 location - India, Asia