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Mohamed bin Zayed Species project number 13057579

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 13057579) - Xenophrys parallela - Awarded $4,500 on January 17, 2014

This study was performed using the line transect method and survey methods in several small streams in three Mountain in West Sumatra is Mount Talang, Singgalang Mountain, and Mount Kerinci. Searches are informed by the target animal and ecological data in based with the holotype of this species is found between an altitude of 1200-1400 meters above sea level. The focus of the search is to create a line transect 6 meters from the river bank (river left and right) to search transactions are carried out with a look behind Sarasah small stones or rocks around the edge of the river. The same thing is done on each of each location and found only 2 individuals find from the target species and only near Mount Talang in Solok close with Lubuak Salalsiah. Singgalang montain and Kerinci mountains we did not find. Search made ​​10-15 days in each habitat. We found this species in the streams a distance of ± 700 meters tea plantations. We conclude that this species has a very level threat region became steeper as the addition of a tea plantation residents still carried towards higher (towards the top of the mountain section). This will certainly threaten the target species because these species has specific environmental characteristics and if the estate is extended towards the summit will certainly make this species to move away from the tea plantations while the higher parts of the mountain dri different vegetation species and if the target is not able to adjust the species themselves are not able to adapt will become extinct.
both species are found adjacent obtained and perched among the trunks of dead grass (nail ferns). Species obtained in measuring morfometric then (according to the table attached). other data are recorded temperature (17 º C) and then recorded vegetation canopy cover is the dominant spikes ferns.

Note: This research is very necessary at part or the other side of the mountain, due to limited funds we were just making the point that doing one on other side.



Project 13057579 location - Indonesia, Asia