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Project Summary

Establish a Marine Protected Area for sea turtles in West Sulawesi, Indonesia in collaboration with the local authorities. A top priority of the project is to conserve, protect and even increase the coral reef and seagrass areas of this pristine archipelago in the Makassar Straits, 650km north of Bali. Sea turtles are dependent on coral and seagrass habitats for their survival because they provide them with food, shelter and nursery grounds. Another priority is to train local community members to monitor and manage the condition of the seagrass and coral reef cover and to provide them with income other than from fishing, such as cultivating seaweed.


Research: To establish a baseline of coral, seagrass and sea turtles surveys have already been conducted in this area.

Practice: Coral reef transplantation to increase the total area of coverage from 13% to 43% in one location and from 7.7% to 25% at a second location. Seagrass transplantation to increase total area of coverage from 26 to 30 hectares in one location and from 1.18 to 2.5 hectares at a second site.

Outreach: Recruitment of local community to assist in monitoring and evaluating the condition of the transplanted coral and seagrass. Lobbying provincial authorities to designated target area as an MPA.

Project location - Indonesia, Asia