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Simon Elwen - Heaviside's dolphin

500 Grant Applications Received

06th March, 2013

Between 1 November and 28 February, 500 grant applications were submitted for consideration. That’s more applications than the Fund has received in any other grant period. Applications were submitted from more than 100 different countries on the behalf of every type of species. We have $500,000 up for grabs in this round of funding and $1.5 million for all of 2013. Obviously, the popularity of the Fund continues and the demand on our resources is great. Given this huge demand on our limited resources, it’s likely that only 10%of applications will receive funding. Over the next few months our Board of Advisors will review each request and make recommendations to the Fund before the end of May. Successful grant applications should receive notifications and financial support in June. Mark your calendars; the next grant application deadline is 30 June 2013.