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Simon Elwen - Heaviside's dolphin

Advisory board meets to review latest applications

Our Advisory Board will be meeting to review grant applications. The applications under consideration were submitted to the Fund before the midnight GMT 30 June 2013 deadline.

During the review meeting, the board will evaluate 500+ grant applications. This set of grant applications was larger than any previous set of applications. The applications are seeking a combined total of about $5m.

In all of 2013 the Fund has set aside $1.5m to support species conservation. In May 2013, the Fund already provided $523k to more than 70 projects. In this round of funding another $500k will be on offer. The final installment will be awarded in December to selected applications submitted before the 31 October 2013 deadline.

Because the Fund has $500k to support species conservation projects in this second of three rounds of 2013 grant giving, the task set for the Advisory Board will be challenging. Only direct species conservation projects targeting the world's most endangered or least understood species will be supported.

Announcements will be made toward the end of September. A summary report will be provided in our October newsletter.

The Fund is dedicated to providing financial support to species conservation projects worldwide. We wish you all the best in your efforts to conserve the world's most endangered and least understood species.