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Mohamed bin Zayed Species project number 220529928

Urgent conservation issue for the Albanian Saddle Bush-cricket (Uromenus dyrrhachiacus)

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 220529928) - Albanian Saddle Bush-cricket - Awarded $5,000 on February 01, 2023

This project will cover only the urgent actions to save the species. When completed, we will have a better vision of the situation and threats and how to mitigate these threats with identified stakeholders, and we will ask for a next step project after.

Urgent actions are:

1- Get an accurate status of remaining populations in its restricted distribution area.

2 - Start an ex-situ breeding to save the species from extinction because habitat destruction are currently running fast in this area and we must have enough individuals to repopulate habitat when recovered.

3 - Find motivated local actors from environmental NGO of Durres and train them to find the species, the layed eggs and to be able to displace individuals/eggs in case of urgency. They will have to find and contact the appropriate stakeholders to avoid or mitigate the threats.


We started field studies mid June 2023 with intensive research during 8 days, to be followed in July by complementary studies on targeted spots.

Our preliminary results are:

  • The main population is located on both sides of the chain of hills located north of Durres. The distribution area is small but the species can be locally abundant in some spots. The threat is the destruction of the hills (soil collected and displaced by a noria of trucks) currently in the northern part, near the new port, and in the southern part, near the town.
  • The population of Portez, in the north of the new port is isolated and could diseapear (work also on the ground of this area) if it is absent of the military area (not yet checked).
  • One population in the south of Durres still exist but in a very restricted area. This population is at risk due to the urbanisation of the area.
The ex-situ breeding has been started and the outdoor cage populated with a number of couple adults in accordance with the density observed in-situ. The 10th of July, the first matings occured in the breeding outdoor cage (see photo of a female with a spermatophore, taken the 11 July 2023).The 14 and 15 July we went again on the most important locality of Albanian Saddle bush-cricket to measure the status of the population. Due to the drier conditions, the reproduction process is faster and shorter, and at that date about half of the population was still alive in-situ.In the breeding cage, thanks to better conditions (watering on a regular basis), the insects are alive for most of them end of July, after the exceptionnal heat wave of the second half of July.

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