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Mohamed bin Zayed Species project number 14259980

Distribution and habitat assessment of European mink, Critically Endangered species

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 14259980) - European mink - Awarded $4,000 on January 29, 2015

The European mink is one of the most rare and endangered mammals existing in whole Europe and in Ukraine. It was also listed as a Endangered species into the National Red Book of Ukraine. European mink occurs in fragmented habitats and it highly depends on wetland habitats and it primary diet is freshwater fish.


The project conducted in the Eastern part of Europe, Western part of Ukraine, in the Carpathian Mountain, specifically in the Gorgany Range which covers the central part of the Ukrainian Carpathians.

The project aims to develop species conservation action plan via assessment of distribution, total population size, ecology and threats of European mink. The species specific project objectives include:

- assessment habitat, distribution range and threats of European mink in the project area;

- development of measures designed to prepare specific species conservation action plan for adopting by the Ministry of Environment and sharing with all groups of key stakeholders;

- increasing public awareness for the conservation of European mink through the creating awareness campaign in the Gorgany region.


Project 14259980 location - Ukraine, Europe