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Mohamed bin Zayed Species project number 180518408

Status and conservation of the native leafhopper Duocrassana longula in endangered forests of the High Mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 180518408) - Leafhopper - Awarded $3,500 on November 01, 2018

The "Oaxaqueña leafhopper" (Duocrassana longula) is restricted to inhabit one locality at High Mountains of Oaxaca (HMO) in Mexico. Little is known about this species such aspect of biology, populations-status, and hosts involved. Recent obligated insolation by human activities reduce resources for this species. To known and generate a conservation project of this micro-endemic species is required to describe biological aspects.

The HMO is located in south-central Mexico with an extent of 800 km of dense vegetations such as Quercus Forest (QF), Tropical Evergreen Forest (TEF), Tropical Dry Forest (TDF), and the endangered habitat the Mountain Cloud Forest (MCF). Within HMO there are small villages using forest resources in an uncontrolled way and move towards very important areas of endemic vegetation and fauna, in the site where the species was registered is now severely affected by changes in human activities such as deforestation, livestock, and agriculture. Originally the site was an unperturbed forest with natural trees in perfect conditions. The population of D. longula in this area are very scarce in abundance with limited habitat and frequently stress, in fact, unfortunately, this species could be endangered and is not evaluated yet. 

The project aims to determine the status of conservation of D. longula using the populations and vegetation involved, in addition, will evaluate risk-status due to loss of habitat to contributing to a further plan for conservation and monitoring of biodiversity in HMO using to D. longula as an indicator of habitat quality.



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