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Mohamed bin Zayed Species project number 192521814

Searching the threatened and little-known amphibians of the Puracé National Natural Park, Colombia

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 192521814) - Malvasa stubfoot toad - Awarded $5,000 on October 15, 2019

We conducted several field surveys to search 11 threatened species in the Puracé National Natural Park and its adjacent areas. The main objectives of the project are the following:

  • Locate populations of threatened and little-known amphibian species of Puracé National Natural Park and record aspects of their natural history, threats and its associated habitat.
  • Determine the geographical distribution of amphibian species of Puracé National Natural Park.
  • Elaborate a visual product to divulge results to indigenous and farmers community in Puracé National Natural Park influence area.


Project 192521814 location - Colombia, South America