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Mohamed bin Zayed Species project number 162512725

Spatial ecology and conservation of the Pampas cat Leopardus colocolo in the Sechura Desert of northwestern Peru

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 162512725) - Pampas cat - Awarded $10,740 on July 02, 2016

The Pampas cat is a small feline widely distributed but poorly studied in some ecosystems, specifically in deserted areas. Our objective is to study the spatial ecology of the Pampas cat in two localities of the Sechura desert of Northern Peru, and understand how it is able to survive in this extreme environment in order to propose conservation measures. We will fit 4 individuals with GPS collars in the San Pedro Mangroves and the Illescas Reserve Zone, and use the fixes to calculate home range size, movement patterns, habitat selection, and identify highly used areas with potential important resources (freshwater, dens, etc). Also, these locations will be plotted on land cover maps in the ArcGIS 10.1 software to identify the environmental variables that determine pampas cat presence. Furthermore, we will organize environmental workshops for nearby villages and schools to help increase awareness of the importance of this species to the ecosystem. 


Project 162512725 location - Peru, South America