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Start Date
March 1, 2021
End Date
February 29, 2024

Project Summary

Little is known about Guinea’s African manatees. The manatee live along the coast and also deep into the interior of Guinea’s Niger and Gambia rivers. This will be the first dedicated research and conservation project in Guinea to focus on African manatee. This project will train Guinean researchers in African manatee research and conservation techniques, while also conducting a threat assessment of all manatee habitat use areas of the country. Biological samples will be collected opportunistically and analyzed to provide the first information about manatee population genetics, feeding ecology and habitat use in Guinea. Threat assessment results will be shared with wildlife law enforcement and we will also work with them to encourage their enforcement of laws to protect the species. Education programs as well as TV, radio, newspaper and other media announcements will raise awareness of the need to protect the manatee.


Research: Identify range, collect biological samples for DNA analysis, count population numbers, identify and mitigate threats.

Practice: Train local Guinean researchers in Manatee conservation best practices.

Outreach: Raise awareness of the need to protect the manatee through traditional and social media.

Project location - Guinea, Africa