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The Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund has awarded 920 grants constituting a total donation of $7,934,378 for species conservation projects based in Asia.

Conservation Case Studies in Asia

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 12253470) - west caucasian tur - Awarded $8,300 on May 23, 2012
23-05-2012 - west caucasian tur

The project objectives are to: a) evaluate current status of west Caucasian tur in Svaneti; b) promote establishment of new protected area; c) establish a basis for community involvement in conservation activities. Series of meetings with local population for resource user groups identification and leaflets distribution will be conducted. On the basis of meetings and questionnaires areas under high poaching pressure will be identified. Selected ...

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Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 12053708) - Bay Island Forest Lizard - Awarded $5,000 on May 23, 2012
23-05-2012 - Bay Island Forest Lizard

In the tropical Andaman Islands, the forest floor lizard community is affected by introduced spotted deer. This indirect negative effect of an introduced mammalian herbivore on endemic lizards was documented in a study conducted by a team of Indian ecologists from 2012 to 2014. They found that spotted deer, by extensively browsing on the under-story vegetation, reduce cover and consequently depress lizard densities.

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Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 12253443) - Hawksbill turtle - Awarded $10,000 on January 22, 2012
22-01-2012 - Hawksbill turtle

Emirates Wildlife Society in association with WWF (EWS-WWF) launched in 2010 the Marine Turtle Conservation Project in collaboration with various organisations in the Arabian/Persian Gulf region. By tracking marine turtles through the region, EWS-WWF aims to raise the collective awareness of their plight, and provide concrete links at an international level upon which local and regional conservation agendas may be developed.

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Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 12053408) - Rock skipper - Awarded $5,000 on January 15, 2012
15-01-2012 - Rock skipper

Rockskipper are fishes that can survive when out onto the watersurface. Recent research on rockskipper inIndonesia occurred around the year 1800. Project is located in Siung beach. The project's result showed that Andamia heteroptera as the abundant rockskipper fish in Siung beach. This species is unique that it has a tetrapod-like vertebrae while it also has a muscular structure resembling primitive fishes musculature.

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Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 12252443) - Yellow-headed Tortoise - Awarded $8,000 on January 12, 2012
12-01-2012 - Yellow-headed Tortoise

The Yellow-headed tortoise (Indotestudo elongata) lives throughout southeast Asia. The species inhabits areas near a water source such as a stream. This study aims to investigate its ecology within the The Rajaji National Park in India (250 km north of Delhi).

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Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 12253022) - Congregating fireflies - Awarded $10,000 on January 12, 2012
12-01-2012 - Congregating fireflies

Very little is known about the fireflies in the Kuala Selangor Nature Park (KSNP). The KSNP lake system is undergoing rehabilitation. These changes may have an impact on the fireflies. The firefly study and habitat mapping will aid in the Park management, where the fireflies can be a bio-indicator. A monitoring program and awareness materials will be developed. KSNP is a Congregating Firefly Zone (MBZSCF:0925338).

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Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 11053036) - Mouse-tailed Dormouse, Roach's - Awarded $4,000 on January 04, 2012
04-01-2012 - Mouse-tailed Dormouse, Roach's

The Mouse-tailed Dormouse is one of the rarest and least known mammal species in Europe. This project gathered data on species ranging behavior, activity and habitat use in European Turkey and Southeastern Bulgaria, using radio-tracking methods for fist time on this species. DNA material was collected for population genetics analysis, and project results were disseminated through publications, presentations and media.

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Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 11252685) - Pear sp. - Awarded $7,000 on January 04, 2012
04-01-2012 - Pear sp.

FFI works to conserve threatened tree species in the Childukhtaron region of Tajikistan. A baseline survey supported by MBZ found sporadic, declining presence of critically endangered pear species, Pyrus tadshikistanica and Pyrus korshinskyi, which are threatened by cutting, over-grazing, harvesting and sapling collection for root stock. This project will conduct a survey, threat analysis and workshops to develop a species conservation action ...

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Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 11253158) - Hainan gibbon - Awarded $10,000 on January 04, 2012
04-01-2012 - Hainan gibbon

FFI and its partners are working to conserve the Critically Endangered Hainan gibbon in China by improving the capacity of the new reserve staff for gibbon conservation, establishing a strong Hainan Island-wide constituency for gibbon conservation; improving the capacity of indigenous communities adjacent to the BNNR in Qingsong Township for alternative livelihoods; and improving the awareness among local people of gibbon conservation.

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Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 11253096) - White-rumped vulture - Awarded $10,000 on January 04, 2012
04-01-2012 - White-rumped vulture

White-rumped Vulture population has declined catastrophically across South-Asia, with a decline of over 91% in Nepal, due to widespread use of veterinary diclofenac. Despite ban on veterinary diclofenac in 2006, larger than 3ml vials are still available. The project aims to discourage illegal use of diclofenac (>3ml) vial in veterinary use by limiting these to ≤3ml and sensitizing local communities, veterinary practitioners and government ...

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